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September’s issue of Philly Ad News features 50 women in Advertising, Communications and Media sharing issues, new and existing challenges, workplace disparities and tips. 

The last year has forced many women to re-evalutate their priorities in search of a work and family life balance. Women were asked for their pandemic-relataed issues and challenges as well as spotlighting someone who may have inspired them. 

Here’s what some of the haven women had to say:

Sara Steinbock, Social Media Coordinator

“There’s no denying that a consistent, collaborative effort amongst women in the workforce is a powerful key to success. We are truly better together than grinding down individual paths alone. I’ve been fortunate to experience the mentorship of bright, innovative and strong women throughout my career and firmly believe that this should be the norm for every woman in every profession.”

Beth Ann Ferner, SVP of Business Development

“With a career spanning more than 30 years, I have been privileged to witness the tremendous progress that we have made as a society when it comes to women in the workplace.That said, I think women still lag behind our male counterparts when it comes to intentionally and practically supporting other women professionally. We can do better. We must do better.”

Gina DiGiacomo,   Director of Production

“I have worked for very strong and capable women during my 30 plus years in marketing and advertising and have been fortunate to have had their support both professionally and personally throughout my career. I strive to model that behavior with my coworkers and daughters.”

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