Generational Marketing – from Philly Ad News

When it comes to working with family, there are several clear advantages such as mutual trust, familiarity and understanding to name a few. At Haven Marketing, there is one distinct and invaluable benefit that comes with me working for my mother – the generational knowledge that forms a balance between tradition and innovation.

When my mother, Amy Jo Haven-Reynolds, graduated from Temple University in 1997, the marketing world was entirely different.

Mom spent the first few years of her career navigating radio and television advertising.

In contrast, my education as an Advertising, Public Relations and Strategic Communications major with a minor in Social Media Marketing at High Point University has been focused largely around digital and social media marketing.

As marketers, we are driven to look forward, staying ahead of the latest trends and emerging platforms and channels. However, it’s crucial to not forget enduring fundamentals such as understanding your audience, positioning and clear andengaging messaging. Tactics come and go, but principles such as these have stood the test of time.

In my opinion, the key lies in striking a balance that allows you to remain both agile and relevant. Embracing innovation while honoring tradition ensures a solid foundation for marketing success. Together, my mom and I form an alliance that blends the tried and true principles that have served her so well through the years with cutting edge tactics. She keeps me grounded in the basics, reminding me of these enduring principles.

I keep her informed of the latest news and industry trends keeping her, the agency and, most importantly, our clients ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

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